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Crusher Investment Direction and Guidance Reference

Author:郴州智造科技有限公司Chenzhou Smart Manufacturing Technology Click: Time:2019-01-04 11:03:12

Crusher Investment Direction and Guidance Reference

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Tear, crusher and crusher - which one suits me?

Usually, the terms of shredder, crusher and crusher can be used interchangeably. Is there any difference? When you need to break the material into small pieces, you may need to spend hundreds of thousands or even millions of yuan to buy a machine, so how to ensure that you do not spend money wrongly?

In order to know the answer, first of all, we need to clarify two questions: 1) What material do you need to crush and what is the original shape of the material? 2) What size (size) do you want to crush the material? These two factors will determine the right place for your investment.

For example, are your materials plastic, paper, rubber, PVC, used tires, household waste, wooden pallets, construction waste, iron stamping edges, medical waste or something else? What are you going to do with the broken material? How large do you need to crush the material, such as 100mm, 10mm, or smaller? By defining the answers to these questions, we can choose the right machine according to some simple criteria.

Shredder (crusher)

In the plastic recycling industry known as the shredder of this machine, in the garbage processing industry known as the crusher. The shredder is a low-speed and high-torque machine with a knife roll. It can decompose large objects into irregular small pieces, which are usually 20 MM-200 mm or larger. Common uses of shredders include:

1. Reduce the space occupied by garbage, so as to reduce the cost of garbage consignment;

2. Tear waste such as used tyres into pieces and use them as fuel or filler.

3. Breaking paper or confidential documents to make them unrecognizable and unreadable;

4. Crushing of waste plastics before cleaning and regeneration;

5. Destruction of counterfeit products and inferior products;

6. Material refinement is needed to prepare for the next process.

These include only the most common fragmentation applications. There are some very good solutions videos on the website of Omeison Chenzhou Intelligent Manufacturing Company to demonstrate what the crusher can do for you. You can also see more technical information about various crushers and related processes on the official website.

Ore crusher

This kind of machine is mainly used in brittle materials, including mining, pharmaceutical and cement industries. Crusher has jaw crusher, cone crusher, counter-impact crusher, counter-roll crusher, hammer crusher and so on. This paper mainly introduces the application of crusher in solid waste treatment industry, so this kind of crusher is seldom introduced.

Blade crusher

Compared with the shredder, the Granulator is a high-speed (250-500 rpm) low-torque material refinement equipment. Relative to the tearing machine, the main force of tearing and shearing is to "tear" the material. The blade crusher mainly uses the cutting method to refine the material. Because of the high speed of blade crusher, the speed of blade relative to material is much higher than that of shredder, so this kind of machine is more suitable for soft materials. It can cut materials into 3mm-30mm particles, often used for secondary crushing behind the shredder.

Blade mill has two designs: open rotor and closed rotor. The former has a large amount of air in the cutter roll to mix and cool materials. The open rotor structure also allows the cutter roll to handle lighter and larger pieces of materials better. The latter has a large rotational inertia and is more suitable for crushing heavy materials. The clearance between the roller and the fixed blade of the blade crusher is very tight, which means that the crushed material has a more orderly cutting edge, and the grain size of the discharged material is more uniform, while the cutter needs to be maintained and replaced more frequently.

Blade mill is mainly used for plastic recycling and regeneration. It is suitable for lighter and softer materials, such as thin shell plastic products, plastic bottles and plastic film.


When you consider buying a crusher and need to make a choice, you need to first determine the answer to the question:

1. What material do I want to break? Soft or hard, thick or thin, tough or brittle? It's better to have photos and materials provided to crusher manufacturers.

2. What is the size of the material to be broken? Is the material loose or compacted?

3. How big is the material broken into? Is the uniformity of particle size important?

4. How many hours does the crusher need to work every day? Is the feed intermittent or continuous?

5. Is the crusher's color value also within consideration?

When you answer these questions, there are risks in purchasing machines and investment needs to be prudent. Please ask the engineers of Chenzhou Smart Manufacturing in Omesen to help you choose the right crusher.

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