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Omeison joins China Environmental Protection Industry Association

Author:郴州智造科技有限公司Chenzhou Smart Manufacturing Technology Click: Time:2019-01-18 15:14:26

Omeison, headquarters company of Intelligent Manufacturing Company, joined the membership of China Environmental Protection Industry Association

China Association of Environmental Protection Industry (CAEPI) was founded in 1984. It is a national industry organization voluntarily formed by enterprises, institutions, social organizations and individuals registered in China and engaged in activities related to production, service, research and development, management of ecological environment protection. The Ministry of Civil Affairs registers non-profit social organizations with legal personality and receives the business guidance and supervision of the Ministry of Ecological Environment and the Ministry of Civil Affairs. At present, there are more than 2,000 member units and about 100 individual members. Through environmental protection industry associations of provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government and sub-provincial cities, tens of thousands of environmental protection enterprises are connected. In June 2016, the Fifth Congress of members was held in Beijing, and the fifth leading body was elected.

The purpose of the association is to abide by the Constitution, laws, regulations and national policies, Practice Socialist Core Values and observe social morality; implement the basic national policy of environmental protection, play a bridge role, adhere to the construction of ecological civilization as the center, protect the ecological environment, promote green development and improve environmental quality; adhere to serving enterprises, industries and the government; Represent members'interests, reflect members' voices, safeguard members'legitimate rights and interests according to law, develop industry self-discipline, promote innovation and industrial technological progress, and promote the development of China's environmental protection industry.

Main Business: Establishing industry self-discipline mechanism, safeguarding industry interests and legitimate rights and interests of members, timely reflecting industry and enterprise demands to government departments; carrying out industry enterprise credit and ability grade evaluation, promoting enterprise credit management, building a good credit environment for industry; participating in the formulation of laws and regulations for ecological environment protection, development planning, economic policy, technical policy, etc. Authorized by relevant government departments, the government organizes industry investigation and research and industry statistics, collects, analyses and publishes industry information, provides support for government decision-making and services for enterprise management decision-making; accepts government entrustment, undertakes research and compilation of relevant standards and norms in the industry, formulates and publishes group standards; and carries out promotion, demonstration and advisory services of advanced environmental protection technologies. To carry out industry exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad; to organize industry training, exhibitions, exhibitions and conferences; to establish industry information service platform, publish and distribute industry publications and materials, and to provide enterprises with information services such as policy, technology, market, investment and financing.

Office, Technology Department, Information Department, Membership Department, International Department, Policy Research and Consulting Department, Continuing Education and Training Department, Central Environmental Association (Beijing) Certification Center, China Environmental Protection Industry Magazine Co., Ltd.

It consists of water pollution control committee, electrostatic precipitation committee, exhaust gas purification committee, bag dust removal committee, desulfurization and denitrification committee, solid waste treatment and utilization committee, municipal solid waste treatment committee, noise and vibration control committee, environmental monitoring instrument professional committee, motor vehicle pollution prevention and control technical committee, circular economy professional committee, soil. Specialized Committee, social environmental monitoring and operation services Specialized Committee, environmental protection industry policy and cluster area Specialized Committee, investment and financing Specialized Committee, metallurgical environmental protection, Internet + X, remote sensing monitoring information, environmental impact assessment industry branch, town sewage treatment branch, indoor environmental control and health Twenty-three branches, including the Organic Food Branch, Nuclear Safety and Radiation Safety Branch, carry out activities in various professional fields.

The Council will focus on the overall goal of ecological civilization construction and environmental quality improvement, give full play to the role of bridge and link, comprehensively improve service capacity and service level, promote innovation and development of environmental protection industry, and strive to build the association into a modern first-class community with service-oriented, governance norms and self-discipline.

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