Flamingo Camp, Hike & Paddle
We will meet at the entrance to the park around 10:00am once we have checked in at the main gate we will make a
few pit stops along the way to do some wild life viewing and soak in a fraction of what this park has to offer. Once
we make it down to Base Camp we will set up and make a dinner time where we will all meet back up to enjoy some
good old fashion BBQ everglades style. In the morning we will pack up and pick a spot to paddle for the day.
Afterward you may want to enjoy the rest of the afternoon in the park and catch a sunset from a different spot
then where we camped..
1 Night Base Camp, Kayak Tour, Hiking, BBQs and Photography
February 15th & 16th  2014
Everglades National Park is the 3rd largest National Park in the Lower 48. Spanning almost 1.5million acres this raw
majestic tropical paradise is a kayakers playground. Besides kayaking the park is known to most visitors as the birding
capitol of South Florida. There are more species of birds than days in a year known to these parts. Numerous
boardwalks offer a tourist way to view wildlife or you can veer off the busy paths for a more primitive view on one of the
many marked hiking trails. Flamingo Visitor Center is located at the end of the 38 mile road where the swamp meets the
bay. During low tide thousands of birds will migrate to these flats to feed so bring a camera plenty of batteries and a
whole lot of memory because you could easily take 100 pictures in just a few minutes. For more detailed information
about Everglades National Park please visit their website here:
Your park admission, campsite, BBQ dinner, kayaks, kayak equipment and guide service will be provided for you.
1 week before the trip we will be emailing a detailed list of items recommended for this adventure to those who have
booked. This camp, hike and paddle is limited to 10 participants so booking is on a first come basis.
If you have questions please call us at 754-368-0181 or email
Paddlers participating in our kayaking event should be versatile to paddling in very shallow water and in the deep.
We may paddle close to alligators, crocodiles, dolphin and manatee so good judgment and knowledge of your
environment is recommended. Paddlers must have an approved safety kit for this environment.
Everglades National Park
Basic Trip Information
Paddlers Capabilities
What's Included
Trip Pricing & Rentals
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Own Kayak
$25.00 p/p
Tent Rental
$20.00 per tent
Single Kayak
Camper Rental
$85.00 p/p
Tandem Kayak
Camper's Rental
$65.00 p/p
$20.00 per tent